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Joe Perez-Ribas, IT Professional, 20 years in the industry, focused on your technical needs, mission/vision/value, ‘companies are focusing on remote work (as well as the academic community) and the requirements are becoming more complex making it more difficult for the typical (non-IT) user to get successfully online to perform their work effort. I am determined to help those users who are struggling or challenged to meet those expectations. Non-IT users need to access software and other types of systems that are complex and I am here to assist those efforts to make these access methodologies easier for the common user so that they can perform the work they need to do to be successful.’ I am that added layer of assistance to assist others in their mission.

My ability to listen, critically think, and ask probing questions or know what is needed to resolve an issue or problem will give anyone confidence that they are treated with understanding, respect, and care. If the solution is not done at that moment, I will research the answer. You can feel at ease to know that you are important and valued that I will either find out the answer, resolve the problem or recommend where to go for the answer. 

Also, since I am of Latino background and U.S. born, I speak Spanish and am continuing to improve my skills. I can feel comfortable asking questions or guide you to resolve what you are facing.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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